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Coming Soon: Trip Expenses

At the end of this week we will submit to Apple our new app: Trip Expenses !

Trip Expenses is an iPhone app to register your expenses while on a trip. Using Trip Expenses you will keep your expense history organized by categories with the information that you need.

For more information:

How to create a bootable, backup Mountain Lion install disk

  1. Purchase and download Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store.
  2. Right click on “OS X Mountain Lion” installer and choose the option to “Show Package Contents.”
  3. Inside the Contents folder that appears you will find a SharedSupport folder and inside the SharedSupport folder you will find the “InstallESD.dmg.” This is the Mountain Lion boot disc image we have all been waiting for.
  4. Copy “InstallESD.dmg” to another folder like the Desktop.
  5. Launch Disk Utility and click the burn button.
  6. Select the copied “InstallESD.dmg” as the image to burn, insert a standard sized 4.7 GB DVD, and wait for your new Lion Boot Disc to come out.

See you at WWDC 2012


The business card for WWDC


And the badge…


Done !!


Getting the badge II

Getting the badge


Everything ready !

WWDC will start on monday !


Welcome to Gazapps

This is our site about Mac and iOs development.

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